Yougest Fighters

Youngest Fighters

Equip the children of the house with our kids special gear.

Equip Them


Traditional and comfortable. An all time favourite.

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The Proper Gear

Don't look any further, at Daimyo we'll help you find the pertfect gear for you discipline. Get all the needed accessories!

Tatamis Expert

We got the best qualities for all kind of activities. Don't hesitate to ask a quote if you are thinking on installing tatami floor.

Experience and Guarantee

With more than 50 years on the industry, Daimyo's experiencia is quality assurance among its european competitors.

The best from Daimyo

Black Super Karate Gi
0 Review(s)
€ 47.02
Red Kick Boxing Pants
0 Review(s)
€ 16.94
0 Review(s)
€ 18.60
Master Dobok
0 Review(s)
€ 24.71
Black Full Contact Pants
0 Review(s)
€ 14.05
Black Kick Boxing Pants
0 Review(s)
€ 14.05
Blue Judo Gi Hiku Shiai
0 Review(s)
€ 106.61
White Tai Chi Uniform
0 Review(s)
€ 18.93
White Basic Pants
0 Review(s)
€ 9.92
Silkscreened Dobok
0 Review(s)
€ 16.94
Blue Jiu Jitsu Gi
0 Review(s)
€ 53.31

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